Which parts of the cartridge we should check when add toner cartridges?

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    As the original supplies expensive, a lot of laser printer users are very fond of their own to buy bottled toner, add toner to their own toner. This is a very effective way to reduce the cost of printing. However, if you do not understand the inside of the drum is not a friend, please do not go to their own hands to fill. Because only the various parts of the imaging in good condition, you can get a satisfactory print quality.

    So, in the toner cartridge , we have to check which parts of the cartridge?

    First, the magnetic roller: the magnetic roller is the largest impact on the black matter of one of the parts, black coating thickness and roughness will continue to change with the use. If the black coating on the magnet roller looks thin, and even the color of the aluminum base or the surface looks very light, then the printed material produced by such a magnetic roller will Shallow, should be replaced by a new roller or magnetic roller sleeve.

    Second, the charging roller: the surface of the charging roller often due to prolonged use of bonded hp toner cartridges, toner additives and paper dust, etc., will wear, these phenomena will cause the end of ash or print black spots, fill carbon Before the powder, use a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a soft cloth, be sure to clean the surface as much as possible in order to effectively charge the drum. If you find that the surface has been damaged, then do not use, because if you continue to use, then not only affect the charge, but also drums produce physical and chemical damage.

    The third is the most important one of the components, photosensitive drum: photosensitive drum is the most critical and most vulnerable parts, pushed the drum protective cover, it is exposed to the indoor light irradiation, in fact, in addition to yellow light, Other light on the drum have damage, especially ultraviolet light, prolonged exposure will shorten the life of the drum. After a long period of time after the use of the photosensitive drum surface will wear, deep wear line will be displayed in large black or black prints, resulting in vertical white lines, drum surface coating damage, scratches, will produce bad print , From the appearance, we can only find the drum defects that color changes, scratches broken, these phenomena will cause bad print, will cause the printed goods on the end of ash, black spots or lines.

    To sum up, we can know that in order to obtain a satisfactory print, just rely on high-quality toner cartridge is not enough, because the other parts of the toner cartridge have a certain life, not always can be used. So when filling the toner should also pay attention to the first powder warehouse before the original toner as much as possible to clean up to prevent incompatible toner mixed with the end of the print, and waste toner warehouse to the waste Drained, so as not to leak powder.

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